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Political Stability

Sokoto is genetically a very peaceful and politically stable state. It is a place where there is respect, reciprocal respect between all the people and authority with peace being the most paramount thing in the minds of everybody. It is the state where people from all over the country and even from neighboring countries have made their home.

Labour Availability

There is the presence of skilled labor at an affordable cost, resulting in low production costs.

Solid Minerals and Natural resources

There are has been discovered at least 87 mineral resources deposit in Sokoto state. In the solid minerals sector, phosphate, gypsum, limestone and Kaolin are in abundance. These are all good industrial materials. Also in agriculture, we have sorghum, millet and an abundance of other crops where investors can come in and set-up processing factories.
Also with the sun in abundance, we are willing to commit to investors in area of solar energy.
Recent reports also state the viability of wind energy in Sokoto state.